Getting Ahead!

Find zen on the interstate in this driving game of sorts. You arrange friendly blue cars on the road, and wrestle with a pesky red car. A fun game to learn, and very rewarding to complete.

Stack Glasses

Put glasses into a cabinet and take them back out. A simple traditional board game. Easy to learn, hard to master.

Tile Taps

Tap colored tiles and see them light up and make sounds. Includes challenging games for hours of fun. Also serves as a pocket drumset, a great way to play along with music or kill time. Now with tap recording, so if you have a drum beat in mind you can tap it in and play it back later.

Solar System

Explore our solar system in this game of proportions. I think this 3D simulation gives the user a good idea of how relatively quickly orbits are, how big orbits are, and how far the Sun and planets are from each other.

Gem Wander

Visit a distant moon covered in colorful gems. Collect them all at your pace in this relaxing 3D activity.

Garnet Maze

Collect gems in a colorful maze, avoiding pernicious maze dwellers.

Asky Snake

Steer a snake through a grassy field to rid it of mice. Click Play Sounds in the game for more fun.

Articles & Code


Keyword-free scripting language to replace nasty .bat files with clean mscripts

Snake Two Ways: Exploring Circular Arrays and Queuing

A "new" queue data structure is described and compared with existing collection types

packetcache: Exploring Development of a memcache-like Network Cache

This article explores UDP programming, LRU cache development, and .NET packet processing

Duck Three Ways: File I/O and String Performance Comparison Between C#, C++, and C

Different languages and approaches are evaluated for a file and string processing benchmark


C++ object recycling class library that gives you the power of database connection pooling for your own resource-intensive objects

securelocker: a pretty secure file storage locker

This article shows that httplite can be used with off-the-shelf components - GUID generation, SHA-256 digest generation, and Blowfish encryption - to implement a file locker with pretty good security


C++ REST Processing Class Library that makes it easy to write basic HTTP servers on Windows, either standalone executables, or bolted onto the side of existing applications. The biggest selling point is that you can access your Windows C++ code directly without going through ASP.NET to C++/CLI. Also, there are clean examples of socket programming and object-oriented programming.


Dynamic NoSQL database library for C++ developers to easily add basic database functionality to their applications


Windows application for observing wave patterns on a string that are the result of oscillations made at the ends of the string. Useful for third-semester physics students, fields and waves. Originally developed in C++/CLI in 2007, I ported it to C#, and later made client-server versions in C# and C++ that I wrote the Code Project article about.
Online version - Latest code: GitHub

My Media Search

Windows application for fast, powerful media file searches

Improving on .NET Memory Management

Code Project article describing .NET Stream class that scales memory usage to hold large objects without running afoul of .NET memory management

Throughput Formula

Web application for exploring the relationships between database connection usage and throughput

College Music

Computer Music

wide ranging album


So Far

metal single

Photo Art

Anza Borrego

photos of a beautiful park


Pretty Clouds

skyward photos of the glory

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